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Spherical Fourier Transform of Type On Some Semi-Direct products

Ibrahima TOURE* and Kinvi KANGNI**
UFR de Mathématiques et Informatique, Université de Cocody-Abidjan
22 BP 582 Abidjan 22, Côte d'Ivoire

Mathematics Subject Classifications: (MSC1991) 22D10, 22E25, 43A30, 43A90. .
Key words and phrases: Spherical function of type δ, representations of groups, Banach algebra representations, Spherical Fourier transform of Type δ , Nilpotent group.


Let be a locally compact group and a compact subgroup of . In [5], the authors introduced the notion of spherical Fourier transform of type relatively to the pair which is not necessarily a Gelfand pair. In this work, we compute such spherical Fourier transform of type for some semi-direct product.

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